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Some Links

For those (presumably relatively few) of you who don’t yet know, Marginal Revolution University is opening its e-doors!  (Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby surely isn’t surprised.)

Two vigorous and courageous voices for liberty have recently died: Ron Hamowy and Thomas Szasz.  Here are some remembrances: Bryan Caplan on Ron Hamowy – and Bryan here on Thomas Szasz.  Walter Olson on Hamowy.  The New York Times on Szasz.

One of the countless great contributions that Sheldon Richman made as editor of The Freeman was to persuade Thomas Szasz to write a regular column for that magazine.

And here’s my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein’s 1993 Southern Economic Journal review of Thomas Szasz’s 1992 book, Our Right to Drugs: The Case for a Free Market.

This month’s Cato Unbound features a lead essay by Steve Horwitz on the role of empirical evidence in Austrian economics.  Bryan Caplan and George Selgin each have replies, with Antony Davies to contribute his own reply later today.

From William McBride and Kurt Schuler comes praise of competitive note issue – and from Richard Rahn a further justified warning about the dangers of central banks.