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by Don Boudreaux on October 3, 2012

in Economics, Education, Environment, Politics, State of Macro

Ryan Young explains why no decent person becomes U.S. President.  (Ryan’s wise conclusion reminds me of this letter that I sent in 2008, to a DC radio station, expressing my sincere and fervent hope that my son never grow up to become president.)

A reminder: MRUniversity is up and running!

Roger Garrison reviews Tyler Beck Goodspeed’s Rethinking the Keynesian Revolution: Keynes, Hayek, and the Wicksell Connection.

Richard Rahn is pessimistic about the economy under a second Obama administration.

The wisdom of Bryan Caplan.  (Follow-up here.)

David Friedman reminds us to take care when classifying outcomes as ‘costs’ or ‘benefits.’


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