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Nick Gillespie sat down recently, at Reason’s Washington office, to chat for about six minutes with Russ.  It’s a great conversation.

One of my favorite columnists is Jay Ambrose.  His write-up of Cafe Hayek – and of my book Hypocrites & Half-Wits – proves the soundness of my judgement. 😉

Steve Landsburg’s most-recent post reminds me – admittedly idiosyncratically – of my favorite television show of all time, Yes, Minister (and Yes, Prime Minister).  Here’s one of my favorite scenes.

More brilliance – and deep humanity – from Bryan Caplan.

My GMU colleague Tom Hazlett again applies his usual UCLA-econ brilliance to questions of property rights and telecommunications.

Here’s a hot-off-the-e-press paper by Cato’s Alan Reynolds; it’s on income inequality.  And here’s the opening sentence in the abstract: (HT David Boaz)

This paper confirms recent studies which find little or no sustained increase in the inequality of disposable income for the U.S. population as a whole over the past 20 years, even though estimates of the top 1 percent’s share of pretax, pretransfer (market) income spiked upward in 1986-88, 1997-2000 and 2003-2007.

Two posts from Greg Mankiw: This first one is on the two different survey methods used in the U.S. to estimate the unemployment rate.  This second speaks for itself.


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