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America’s uncontrolled addiction to fighting a war on drugs war on peaceful people who choose to ingest various substances that don’t meet government approval continues to cause innocent people – including children – to die….

but, oh my, look at the success of this “war”!

Marty Mazorra uses his brilliant whiteboard to discuss off-shoring (or, as it’s popularly called, “outsourcing”).  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, as politicians, should look at this video and learn from it.

Stan Veuger explains that Pres. Obama raises taxes on small businesses.

Alex Tabarrok explains some of the work of the newest Nobel economists.

Jeff Jacoby is not impressed by the outpouring of praise for the recently departed Eric Hobsbawm.  Rightly so.

Garett Jones explains Ed Prescott’s careful reasoning that leads (in Garett’s words) to the following conclusion:

If higher taxes are wasted, then a tax hike has a small, ambiguous effect on employment.
If higher taxes are spent wisely, then a tax hike causes a big fall in employment.