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Some Links

Many congratulations to Chip Mellor and his crack team of merry litigators at the Institute for Justice – and to the people of Louisiana – for IJ’s victory yesterday, in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in burying a specious form of domestic protectionism.

Trevor Butterworth reviews, in the Wall Street Journal, Richard Sander’s and Stuart Taylor’s Mismatch.

My latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review celebrates – genuinely so – Peter Morici’s work as a pitchman for Kyocera copiers (but I’m much less impressed by Morici’s work as a pitchman for protectionism).

In the November Freeman, I review Mark Pennington’s marvelous 2011 book, Robust Political Economy.

Bryan Caplan offers yet more evidence that life is improving over these past few centuries.

Alan Viard rightly complains about both Democrats’ and Republicans’ obsession with saving Medicare by skewering taxpayers.

I very much like Jeff Jacoby’s take on the late George McGovern.

Thanks to Mark Perry for posting again this 2008 video of my colleague emeritus, the great Gordon Tullock, explaining why you might wish to consider not voting in political elections.  Four years ago I posted this Tullock video here.  (For those of you who are curious and don’t yet know: I do not vote.  I refuse to participate in such a loathsome process as politics, a process where the best you can say about 999 out of every 1,000 successful politicians is that they are duplicitous.  Most of them, of course, suffer far more and far worse character flaws.)