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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 87 of F.G. Bailey’s outstanding 1988 volume, Humbuggery and Manipulation:

Nevertheless, [Franklin] Roosevelt was apparently successful in commanding the people’s affection….

How does one accomplish this feat?  One does it by magic; that is, by elevating irrationality and appealing to sentiment and passion.

Plus ça change….

UPDATE: In response to an e-mail from Democracy’s Herald accusing me of using ellipses in the above quotation to deceive Cafe patrons into wrongly believing that the second part of that quotation applies to the first part, I give here, in full, that part of Bailey’s text that I excluded from the above quotation:

Moreover he – and others who have used this style – did not seem to lose his distinctiveness and to become “just one of the boys,” nor did he forfeit Simmel’s other attraction, that of being unlike his followers.