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Some Links

My close friend now for more than 30 years, George Selgin readily takes my hint to weigh in (at Free Banking) on Sheldon Richman, Scott Sumner, and Cantillon effects.  As always, George is deeply insightful and lively.

The headline of this NPR report speaks volumes about the (lack of) wisdom of enabling people to spend other people’s money.  (HT Chris Meisenzahl)

Check out this terrific discussion between Gerry Ohrstrom and Matt Ridley; it’s on economics and ecology.

Here’ a new blog that I’ll follow.

Marty Mazorra pokes gentle fun at Paul Krugman, Nancy Pelosi, and others who suggest that paying people not to work is a sound means of creating more paying work…. On which, see Casey Mulligan’s new book (which I’ve just started to read).

John Goodman writes: “Something else is odd about the sociology of the anti-inequality crowd. They seem to be unfazed by inequality created by government.”  (Here’s a related post.)

David Henderson warns against the commission of a common, but foolish – not to mention impolite – error.

Keynesianism is a gussied-up rendition of the man-in-the-street’s fallacious focus on spending as being the principal driver of economic activity.  John Papola correctly understands this fact and rightly – and most entertainingly! – ridicules it.  Bob Murphy weighs in – here, and here.