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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

In this earlier post, I wrote about the challenges of measuring growth in our current world where we don’t have to pay for many of the product we enjoy and where the pace of innovation makes measurement difficult even for those products that involve monetary transactions. I also shared my skepticism that we’re in an era of stagnation. It is not obvious to me that today’s innovations are inferior to those of the past.

Toward the end of the post, I discussed some of the benefits we have received from the internet–the ability of authors and other content creators to interact with their readers, the growing impact of online education for people around the world, the ability to crowdsource solutions to everyday problems, and access to general knowledge provided by sites such as wikipedia. The last item I mentioned was delight–the ability to find and enjoy incredible things on the web that entertain, educate, and inspire. And inspire. And inspire.

What did I leave out? One thing is music. There has never been a better time in human history for access to music and the ability to enjoy it anywhere with incredible sound.

What else did I leave out that is coming from technology generally or the internet that might change our lives for the better in dramatic ways over the next 10-20 years? The driverless car, maybe. What else? Please educate me in the comment section.