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Bruce Caldwell e-mails me (and other bloggers) about the Center for the History of Political Economy 2013 seminar:

The Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University will be hosting another Summer Institute on the History of Economics this summer. The program is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and is designed primarily for faculty members, though three of the twenty-five slots are reserved for graduate students. Participants will be competitively selected and successful applicants will receive a $2700 stipend for attending, out of which they will pay for their own room and board. Our line-up of discussion leaders is pretty impressive, and includes scholars from economics, political science, and history. The deadline for applying is March 4.

The faculty for the NEH Summer Institute include:

Brad Bateman, Denison University
Bruce Caldwell, Duke University
Bilge Erten, Committee of Global Thought at Columbia University
Craufurd Goodwin, Duke University
Ryan Hanley, Marquette University
Thomas Leonard, Princeton University
Steve Medema, University of Colorado Denver
Malcolm Rutherford, Victoria University, British Columbia
E. Roy Weintraub, Duke University

This program looks to be outstandingly good!