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Cleaned by Capitalism XXXIV

In our pre-industrial past small skin cuts would often open opportunities for microbial pollutants to enter our bodies and then unleash all sorts of nasty damage.  Today is very different.  Industrial bourgeois markets enable all of their denizens to shield themselves, for only pennies a pop, from those minuscule monsters.  Capitalism cleanses, and keeps clean from pollution, routine cuts.

Note also that the Band-Aid itself is individually sealed (Ponder how amazing that simple fact is!), keeping it – as it says on the label – “STERILE” until it’s called into use as a shield from pollution that would otherwise enter the body through a cut.

By the way, do recognize that Band-Aids, antibacterial creams, hydrogen peroxide, antihistamines, toothpaste, toothbrushes, aspirin, ankle braces, and other such first-aid and personal-hygeine products – items that the typical denizen of modern society takes for granted – are health-care products supplied quite successfully by free markets on a fee-for-service basis.