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Some Links

George Will builds upon Jim Buchanan’s wisdom to argue the case for a balanced-budget amendment.

Speaking of the consequences of incontinent spending by government, Marty Mazorra has wise words about sequestration.  Here’s his close:

And as for the would-be, were it not for the military, deficit hawks; they seem to understand that bureaucrats are egregious spenders. Yet, while screaming for abstinence, they stop cold when it comes to the military cuts included in the sequester. So how is it that our elected officials can be so inept in the allocation of 75% of expenditures, and yet be so adept when it comes to the 25% spent on military? Answer, they can’t!

Over at Reason.com, Shikha Dalmia explains that America needs more immigration.

Jerry O’Driscoll, building on work by John Taylor, explains why he is no fan of Ben Bernanke or of Market Monetarism.

Jonah Goldberg cuts through some of the popular myths about spending on education and infrastructure.

The New York Times does sometimes notice that people respond predictably to incentives, even when such responses are not those that are fancied by “Progressives.”  (Take note, by the way, of the quotation from David Geffen.  His words are those of a contemptible fool content to be enslaved if his masters proclaim his enslavement to be ‘necessary.’)