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I very much like the Washington Post‘s (relatively) new columnist, Charles Lane.  Here’s his column from today.  And here’s an especially nice one from last month; it’s entitled “Collective Action is Overrated.”

Regular Cafe patrons know that I (and Russ, too) often disagree with Tyler Cowen.  But having known Tyler for 32 years, and been his colleague now for 12, I know better than to accuse him of failing to understand some argument in any canon of economics.  Paul Krugman doesn’t know Tyler as well as I do.  Pity, that.

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I explain why I believe that one of the market’s worst failures is the silence it maintains as it works.

49 years and one day ago, The Beatles first performed in Washington, DC.  Here’s a video.  And 50 years and one day ago, The Beatles recorded one of my all-time favorite songs, “Please Please Me.”  This song, in my opinion, is the rock’n’roll equivalent of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony: each composition brought music forward by a giant leap.  The Fab Four perform it starting at the 19:30 mark.

Amity Shlaes, quite appropriately, writes admiringly of Calvin Coolidge.


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