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by Don Boudreaux on February 26, 2013

in Books, Environment, Myths and Fallacies, Politics, Stimulus, Taxes

Matt Zwolinski highlights some superb opportunities, offered by the Institute for Humane Studies, for grad students.

George Will on apocalypse fatigue.  A slice:

Because crises are government’s excuse for growing, liberalism’s motto is: Never let a crisis go unfabricated.  But its promiscuous production of crises has made them boring.

Here’s Bryan Caplan – with help from Deirdre McCloskey – on some implications of our imperfect knowledge.

Richard Rahn discusses taxes on corporations.

Mark Perry features one of my all-time favorite letters – namely, that of Steve Landsburg to his daughter’s, Cayley’s, pre-school teacher.

Speaking of Steve Landsburg, he points here to one of the enduring mysteries of humankind – and it’s not just Krugman who mystifies on this front.

Hans Bader on the myth of British-government austerity.

Arnold Kling reviews Anat Admati’s and Martin Hellwig’s The Bankers’ New Clothes.


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