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End the Idiotic, Futile, Costly, Hypocritical, Corrupting, Degrading, Lethal, and Immoral ‘War on Drugs’

Reason’s forthcoming movie on the horror that is the war on drugs war on people who peacefully use intoxicants that influential busybodies disapprove of will be great.  (HT Mark Perry)

UPDATE: Here’s a related post from 2011 – with a link to a Freeman column of mine, from years ago, entitled “Break this Vile Addiction.”  Anyone who supports the so-called ‘war on drugs’ unavoidably (if unawares) also supports gestapo-like police tactics that are a natural consequence of government waging such a war.

Are the horrors unleashed by drug warriors – not only on actual and potential users of substances declared legislatively to be ‘unlawful,’ but also on innocent men, women, and children – conceivably outweighed by whatever benefits this war might bestow?