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Some Links

Sandy Ikeda explains why America today should be more like Sweden today.

George Will weighs in on “Progressives'” resistance to progress.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, John Cochrane writes sensibly about interest rates, Fed policy, and the term structure of Uncle Sam’s debt.  (Unfortunately, Cochrane’s essay is gated.)  Here’s Cochrane’s related blog post.

David Henderson discusses Christina Romer’s recent New York Times essay on the minimum wage.

Here’s another from David, this one on Derek Thompson’s piece on the dramatic fall, since deregulation, in the cost of air travel.  David’s personal story about pre-deregulation air-travel calls to mind the time, in the early 1970s, when my uncle Malcolm – who worked in New Orleans for the Maryland Casualty Co. – flew to Baltimore.  It was big family news; it was an event.  My parents and siblings and grandparents all went to the New Orleans airport, with my aunt and cousins, to see uncle Malcolm off on the plane.  I recall, very distinctly, wondering – as I watched the plane taxi away from the gate – if there would ever be an occasion for me to fly on an airplane.

Sheldon Richman is no fan of minimum-wage legislation.  (And, please pardon my unpardonable vanity, but Sheldon’s essay brought to mind one of the first essays that I ever wrote for The Freeman.)