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Some Links

Steve Landsburg is interviewed in the current Region Focus, a publication of the Richmond Fed.  I’m delighted that Steve mentions Deirdre McCloskey as one of the biggest influences on his economic way of thinking.

On Monday (March 11th), at the Rutgers University School of Law in Camden, GMU Law’s Ilya Somin will debate Georgetown Law’s Michael Seidman on whether the U.S. Constitution protects economic rights.  I wish I could be there.

Here’s Pedro Schwartz on free trade.  His conclusion:

In the end, our hope for free trade lies with the Internet, with anonymous money, with offshore financial centers. The freedom to trade cannot be put in the hands of governments.

Here’s David Henderson lending his strong voice to those who valiantly try to correct the dangerously mistaken pop history of the U.S. economy circa 1870-1910.

And here’s Arnold Kling, insightful as ever, on our institutions-intensive economy.

It looks as though Bryan Caplan will win his bet that – contrary to the happy (and predictable) predictions of politicians – taxpayers will still be in the hole, five years afterward, on the TARP bailout.  Shocking.

John Cochrane reproduces a cartoon, posted earlier by Greg Mankiw, poking fun at Keynesian economics.  I agree with Cochrane that there is nothing at all even a tiny bit unfair about this cartoon.

Finally, John Goodman remains unimpressed with Paul Krugman’s mastery of health-care economics and realities.