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Some Links

The Independent Institute’s Anthony Gregory reflects, in this video, on Sen. Rand Paul’s recent Senate filibuster.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady reflects on the awful record of Venezuela’s late el presidente Hugo Chavez.

Speaking of this particular el hombre – this particular el salvador – Rory Carroll had this to say a few days ago in the New York Times.  (HT Peter Minowitz)  A slice:

The legacy of his [Hugo Chavez’s] 14-year “socialist revolution” is apparent across Venezuela: the decay, dysfunction and blight that afflict the economy and every state institution.

The above reflections on Senor Chavez’s recent ascension into what is undoubtedly the socialist paradise of the hereafter reminded me of a 2006 essay by Chesa Boudin in The Nation – a remarkable piece of nonsense reflecting the delusion-inducing power of some people’s will to believe in earthly saviors.

In today’s New York Times, Michael Dear pleads “Mr. President, tear down this wall” – the wall being the anti-immigration fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Doug Bandow is completely right: minimum-wage legislation is completely wrong.

Steve Landsburg points us to some research by Salim Furth on the burden of government debt.

My GMU Econ colleagues are brilliant, relevant, and important.  Today’s exhibit is this post by Garett Jones.