Bryan Caplan follows up his superb post on David Card, minimum-wage legislation, and immigration with this response to a critic of that post.  (Bryan says – and says far better – in his response much of what I aimed to say in this post.)

Also at EconLog, David Henderson reminds us of some important and impressive historical work – specifically here on one of Herbert Hoover’s taxing interventions that helped to put the “Great” in the Great Depression – by Bill Lastrapes and George Selgin.

In this 19-minute-long video, Matt Ridley explains that the earth is getting greener and more habitable – and it’s because of market-driven economic growth.

Henry Manne and Richard Rahn, writing at Forbes, worry about inflation, as well as about what are almost sure to be government-officials’ devious and dishonest reactions to it.

In this working paper, one of my eminent colleagues, Dick Wagner, discusses the vitality of the Virginia School of Political Economy.

Bruce Yandle discusses the Sequester Shut-Down Show.

Steve Landsburg weighs in on Sen. Rob Portman’s recent change of heart on gay marriage.

Here’s Bill Shughart on the unfortunate effects – on both the price of food and on the environment – of Uncle Sam’s ethanol mandate.


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