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Some Links

Jane Gleeson-White discusses some early history of attempts to quantify national income.  (HT Brandon Dupont)

Sandra Peart reviews Deirdre McCloskey’s Bourgeois Dignity.  (I’m surprised that I haven’t yet linked to Sandy’s review; until a few moments ago I had thought – mistakenly – that I’d already done so.)

Aaron Ross Powell discusses paternalism and barbarism.  (HT Walter Grinder)  Here’s a slice:

Part of being civilized—arguably most of being civilized—is recognizing that different people do things differently and that such differences deserve respect. Respecting difference means allowing behaviors we find disagreeable, provided those behaviors don’t cause us harm. This covers big stuff like religious toleration—those people of other faiths sure do eat weird things and have a funny way of talking, but that’s their thing—to, yes, even the dreadful behavior of drinking half-a-dozen Cokes a day.

Rob Bradley introduces the Crony Chronicles.

Charles Gave recants all that he’s ever espoused about economics.  (HT Jim DeLong)

Marty Mazorra weighs in on the foolish demands by some rent-seekers (and their henchmen in Congress) to restrict American exports of natural gas.

And now for something completely different here at the Cafe, I offer – through Christina Hoff Sommers – some bedroom advice for guys.


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