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Some Links

John Taylor offers wise advice – I’d call it an expression of “Hayekian-Friedmanite-Buchanesque wisdom” were that term not so clunky – on rules in general, and on monetary policy specifically.  (The need for Taylor to offer such advice is, I dare say, further evidence in support of my hypothesis, expressed earlier today, about a foundational belief of champions of discretionary and powerful government.)

Speaking of John Taylor’s wisdom, here’s more.

Here’s wisdom from Bryan Caplan.

The urbane Troy Camplin.

My interest in methodology has waned – which is not to say that my belief in the importance of sound methods – and, hence, in the importance of sound and systematic study of methods (that is, methodology) – has diminished (for it has not).  But because long ago at NYU I took a course in methodology from the great Fritz Machlup, this paper by Gabriel Zanotti and Nicolas Cachanosky grabs my attention.  I’m likely to read it soon.

I second the advice offered here by Frank Stephenson – and, indeed, would extend it to politicians of all ranks and parties.

I also second the sage advice offered by Richard Rahn: privatize nearly everything in sight.

Here’s Jerry O’Driscoll’s remembrance of Armen Alchian.

Finally, here’s a snippet of a talk that I gave last Monday at Middle Tennessee State University – the undergraduate alma mater of Jim Buchanan.