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Bread, Circuses, and Condoms

First Things‘s Matthew Schmitz says about yesterday’s Happy Mother’s Day tweet from the White House that “Something seems off here…”  Indeed something does, because something is.

Regardless of how you feel about birth control – whether you regard it to be sinful or, like me, find absolutely nothing remotely wrong with it – you should agree that for the White House to use the occasion of Mother’s Day to boast of its success at creating more free-feeders at the public trough and using taxpayer-funded birth control as its example reveals the perversion of values of the modern “Progressive.”  He or she is aghast if someone insists that people mature enough to be sexually active be held responsible for buying their own birth control – and equally aghast at those of us who wish to remain free to choose – pro-choice! – on how we spend our own money.

Once again: for the “Progressive,” to insist on spending your own money, and only your own money, is considered to be greedy and shallow; but to insist on spending other people’s money is considered to be selfless and enlightened.  Truly strange.