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EconTalk update

EconTalk now is on Facebook. Please like us. And you can follow me, Russ, on Twitter, as EconTalker.

This week’s EconTalk is Austin Frakt talking about Medicaid and the Oregon Medicaid study. The Oregon Medicaid study is going to be a big issue going forward with the implementation of ObamaCare and the 2014 elections. I thought it was important to get educated. There will be a second podcast with Jim Manzi in a week or so with his take, which is quite different. Should be fun.

Scheduled for EconTalk in addition to Manzi will be Richard Epstein next week on the Constitution, Arnold Kling on the Three Languages of Politics (his Kindle single), Bruce Schneier on power and the internet, Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson on happiness studies, Dan Pallotta on the non-profit culture, Mike Munger on norms and law, and Morris Fiorina on the electorate. You can subscribe at iTunes or Stitcher as well as download individual episodes here.