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by Don Boudreaux on May 3, 2013

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George Will is right that Barack Obama is right (if duplicitously so) on the question of whether or not Uncle Sam should intervene in Syria.  Here’s his conclusion:

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “it is in our DNA” to believe “there are no limits on what is possible or what can be achieved.” Obama seems to know better. Certainly his confused — or perhaps calculatedly confusing — words about red lines serve his policy of sensible caution.

George Selgin writes about Dick Timberlake’s new book, Constitutional Money.

Bob Murphy calls Paul Krugman out on the latter’s (in Bob’s apt words) “botched inflation call.”

Advocates of deploying behavioral-economics to inform government policies should agree with Jonah Goldberg that income-tax-withholding is a scheme that – because it psychologically misleads taxpayers into thinking that the burden they bear from income taxation is lighter than it really is – we can and should do without.

Art Carden – now guest blogging at EconLog (yes!) – reflects on May Day, economics, and Deirdre McCloskey’s research on bourgeois dignity.

Mark Perry explains why a gas tax on mileage is a very bad idea.

Tyler Cowen reflects on some reflections on the Oregon Medicaid study.


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