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Some Links

I encourage you to try to be one of the fortunate 24 people who participate in this May 15th webinar on Bastiat’s Economic Harmonies – a webinar sponsored by the Future of Freedom Foundation and conducted by the great Sheldon Richman.

Bryan Caplan goes to the heart of what’s wrong with Robert Rector’s and Jason Richwine’s Heritage Foundation study on the consequences of immigration.  (To uncover other errors in this study, click on the links that Bryan supplies.)

Kurt Schuler, over at Free Banking, weighs in on the brouhaha stirred up recently by Niall Ferguson’s remark about J.M. Keynes’s homosexuality.

Also over at Free Banking, Brad Jansen explains another important justification for competition in currency: privacy.

Caroline Baum explains what seems to be the case: Pres. Obama doesn’t want any American to retire rich.

Jeffrey Tucker recounts one of the myriad ways that government officiousness makes our lives worse.  (HT Kenneth MacDonald) Here’s Jeff’s closing line:

If some product annoys you in surprising ways, there’s a good chance that it is not the invisible hand at work, but rather the regulatory grip that is squeezing the life out of civilization itself.

The Los Angeles Times reports that “Part-Time Workers to Lose Pay Under Affordable Care Act.”  Wow.  What a surprise.  I’m shocked.  Shocked, I tell you.  Just shocked.  It’s simply astonishing that employers don’t just pay these higher mandated costs out of their ubiquitous pots’o’gold.