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Some Links

Richard Epstein gets to the heart of the problem of which today’s IRS scandal is but an ugly symptom.

Mark Steyn documents just how ugly the IRS scandal really is.

David Brooks, in his New York Times column yesterday, featured some of the important work being done by my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein.  (Here’s a link to the paper of Dan’s that Brooks mentions.)

Speaking of Dan Klein, the latest issue of his journal – Econ Journal Watch – features a symposium asking “Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today?”  The contributors are an impressive cast of scholars, including John Blundell, Tyler Cowen, Richard Epstein, David Henderson, and Sam Peltzman.  The most disappointing contribution, in my view, is the one offered by Richard Posner.

Speaking of Milton Friedman, Marty Mazorra features that late, great scholar in this post calling for an elimination of corporate taxation.  I like ‘dem apples!

Mario Rizzo reflects on reactions to the recent factory tragedy in Bangladesh.

Matt Ridlely reflects on global warming.