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Some Links

Coming this month: A free e-book version of Deirdre McCloskey’s 1999 volume, Crossing: A Memoir.  Highly recommended!

This paper on the history of competitive note issue in Scotland looks interesting.  (I’ve yet to read this paper, but the abstract promises a good and important read.)  (HT Walter Grinder and Andy Morriss)

Sheldon Richman asks “So what if freedom isn’t free?

So are the real-world data really so darned unambiguously supportive of Keynesian analysis?  Bob Murphy doesn’t think so (and I think Bob is right to question the Keynesians’ boasts on this front).

This post by my colleague Robin Hanson makes me even more proud to be a bourgeois, western individualist – and that’s not a bias that I wish to overcome.

In this video, Reason’s Zach Weissmueller and Tracy Oppenheimer explore Angelenos’ (often sadly misinformed, Constitutionally suspect, and myopic) opinions regarding the sale of the Los Angeles Times to the Koch brothers.  (HT Manny Klausner)

I was delighted and honored to meet last year in Malmo, Sweden, Mozambique’s Manuel de Araujo – who, in the words of Tom Palmer (by e-mail), “has gone from think tank work to being the elected Mayor of the port city of Quelimane, where he’s working to make the city of his birth the Hong Kong of Africa, by administering honest, efficient, and frugal local government and by securing for all freedom, property rights, and the rule of law.”

George Will – citing CEI’s Wayne Crews – isn’t impressed with the regulatory state.