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Some Links

Richard Rahn explains some deleterious effects of Uncle Sam’s greedy hand (with apologies to Amity Shlaes) on foreign investment – and, hence, on the creation of capital – in the United States.

Will Wilkinson weighs in on Michael Lind’s bad argument against libertarianism.  As does Ron Bailey.  (HT Matt Welch, who weighs in on E.J. Dionne’s bizarre hip-hip-hooray for Lind’s essay.)  Oh, and also Roderick Long weighs in here.

David Henderson warns government against crying wolf.

Cato’s David Boaz would laugh at Uncle Sam’s “rural industrial complex” were it not so wasteful and saturated with rent-seeking privileges.

Steve Landsburg finds good reason to be even more horrified by the deceitfulness and partisan, political grandstanding of some U.S. Senators and prominent pundits.  And here’s Bob Murphy’s reaction to the episode.

For all of you profit-lusting greedy capitalists hoping to make a killing by exploiting the inexplicable failure of all other profit-lusting greedy capitalists to make a killing by buying something unquestionably worth but currently selling at a price of X/1.3 (or X/1.2, or X/1.4, or whatever – some price lower than X), this video from the Independent Women’s Forum has some discouraging news for you.  (Mark Steckbeck’s information for you greedy capitalists looking for an obvious, easy-to-make buck is no more encouraging.)

Benjamin Zycher looks back on California’s Proposition 13, 35 years later.