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by Don Boudreaux on July 2, 2013

in Cleaned by Capitalism, Environment, Immigration, Taxes, War

Bob Higgs explains that “There is something monstrously out of whack about going to war for a large nation state.

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg explains that (as I like to put the matter) we denizens of modern capitalist society are incredibly fortunate to be able to worry about the kinds of pollution and other environmental issues that we today worry about.

Alan Reynolds explains that, given government’s continuing habit of spending much more than its tax collectors reel in, “For researchers to discover that unlawful immigrants, like most of us, did not pay enough taxes in 2010 to cover government spending was remarkably unenlightening.

And in this earlier post, Reynolds explains that “Confusing an ‘average wage’ with a ‘typical wage’ is an interminable and mischievous fallacy.  That confusion was revived by recent news reports wrongly suggesting the CBO had predicted average wages would fall as a result of allowing slightly greater numbers of legal immigrants to displace illegal immigrants.

Richard Rahn explains some differences between the economies of Chile and Ecuador.

Tyler Cowen points us to an interesting new paper, with evidence on some economic consequences of changes in marginal income-tax rates, by Karel Mertens.


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