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Some Links

The discussion about Bastiat continues over at Liberty Matters.  The discussants are Robert Leroux, David Hart, Mike Munger, and myself.

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy explains that, yes, we do have a debt problem.

Tim Worstall weighs in on the DC City Council’s obscene hassling of Wal-Mart.

David Friedman is reading Deirdre McCloskey’s great 2010 volume, Bourgeois Dignity.

Jim Epstein writes about the unfortunate, unnecessary, and dangerous action by government to shut down the Fung Wah bus company.

Bob Murphy is no fan of the macroeconomics of [a certain economist; I don’t want to spoil it].

J.J. asks that I link to this long-ago post of mine on self-interest.

Cato’s David Boaz reads Jonathan Martin’s review of Robert Kaiser’s new book, Act of Congress.  Here’s a slice from David’s Cato@Liberty post:

What struck me was that both of these very knowledgeable Washington journalists seem very clear-eyed about the deficiencies of the legislative process, and yet their understanding doesn’t cause them to question the idea of having government manage every facet of our lives.

Belatedly – 11 days too belatedly – Russ and I wish Leonard Liggio a Happy 80th birthday.  Here’s Steve Horwitz on Leonard.