Greg Mankiw offers a splendid example to explain why the (oddly named) “Great Gatsby curve” is far less informative than many people suppose it to be.

The discussion of Bastiat’s work and relevance – a discussion featuring David Hart, Robert Leroux, Mike Munger, and myself – continues over at Liberty Matters.

Like Art Carden, I, too, am a fan of Thomas Thwaites’s toaster talk at TED.

Here’s Tyler Cowen on wealth taxes.

The mainstream media do not like the fact that race relations in the U.S. are steadily improving.  (HT Mark Perry)  See also this related essay, from today’s Wall Street Journal, by Shelby Steele.

Marty Mazorra – unlike the New York Times – puts into proper perspective private shenanigans to raise the price of aluminum.

Aren’t “public goods” supposed to be goods that the public demands (or, would demand if only some means of financing, different from the market, is used to pay to provide these “goods”)?

Scott Shackford, over at Reason’s Hit & Run, isn’t impressed with Paul Krugman’s analysis of Detroit’s current fiscal woes.


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