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Some Links

This six-minute-long video identifies 25 ways – many especially silly – that Uncle Sam too cavalierly spends taxpayers’ (i.e., other-people’s) money.  (Thanks for the pointer, Thomas!)

The on-going conversation about Bastiat – featuring David Hart, Robert Leroux, Mike Munger, and myself – continues to continue over at Liberty Fund’s “Liberty Matters.”  This conversation will continue through the end of this month.  (I thank Sheldon Richman for inviting me to be part of this discussion.)

Over at Reason, Zach Weissmueller is raisin awareness of government overreach and arrogance.

Alan Viard discusses the taxation of income from capital.  (HT Greg Mankiw)

It’s good to learn, from Mario Rizzo, of a new journal from The Ronald Coase Institute.

Diane Katz, a Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, is unimpressed with Dodd-Frank.  (HT James Gattuso)

Alberto Mingardi rightly laments the misuse and misapplication of the term “social Darwinism.”

Cato’s Dan Ikenson, writing at Forbes, weighs in on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations.  The cronyism and rent-seeking that drive protectionism are always ugly.

Now that “we’ve” passed the bill and are finding out what’s in it, what we’re finding out ain’t so pleasing.  (HT W.E. Heasley)

One of the Cafe’s most frequent and wisest commenters, Jon Murphy, e-mailed me to ask that I re-post links to the three essays that I wrote in 2010 for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on the great complexity of modern economies – a complexity puzzling to men (and women) “of system,” but not to the decentralized processes of markets.  I’m happy to oblige.  Here’s the first.  Here’s the second.  And here’s the third.