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Cap South

My Mercatus Center colleague, and Motion Picture Institute fellow, Rob Raffety

explores the ever-blurring lines between image and substance in government, and parodies the absurdities of the world in which our lawmakers move….  [in] Cap South, a new comedic web series from MPI.

(Picking a nit: I oppose calling legislators “lawmakers.”  They’re legislation-makers – makers of legislation, not makers of law.)

Here’s more:

The ten-episode series, starring MPI fellows Andrew Heaton and Naomi Brockwell, is centered on the lives of young professionals in Washington, D.C. The episodes are accompanied by short clips featuring “crazy” constituent phone calls, fake attack ads, and more.

With MPI support, Cap South premiered on YouTube this July. The series has drawn praise from the Washington Times, the Washington PostPoliticoRoll CallThe Hill, and more.

The Washington Times calls the series “a welcome summer respite to real-life Washington absurdity.” The Times goes on to say, “Cap South has the potential to dismantle many predispositions of its audience.”

Watch all eleven episodes and learn more at CapSouthTheSeries.com.

And here’s a trailer:


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