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Today’s Bob Zadek Show – heard on radio live at noon (PDT) in the Bay Area on 910AM, KKSF – is on immigration.  Here’s a slice from Bob’s site promoting the show:

To discuss the economic, social and security aspects of this most emotional issue and more importantly, to replace rhetoric with objectivity, Bob is honored to welcome Cato’s Alex Nowrastah back to his show.

David Henderson reviews Cass Sunstein’s Simpler.

In the Summer 2013 issue of The Independent Review William Anderson and David Kiriazis analyze “Progressivism’s” contribution to Jim Crow.  Here’s the abstract:

Could it be that the institutional racism of Jim Crow occurred not despitethe Progressive era but because of it? Not only did the Progressive reforms create new economic rents that could be exploited by whites and by the politicians who enacted those reforms, but many leading Progressives espoused views on racial purity and segregation that put them in the vanguard of the American apartheid system.

Writing about the retail book market, Sandy Ikeda explains some of the complex trade-offs handled by genuine competition.

From Steve Landsburg: Green-energy subsidies are here used to educate people about the wastefulness of green-energy subsidies – and yet the educator, by losing money on the deal, is still putting his money where his mouth is.


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