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Who’d a-Thunk It?

Business is booming for companies – such as Express Employment Services – that supply temporary workers to U.S. firms.  (HT J. Heavin)  Here’s a slice from Steve Moore’s superb Wall Street Journal story on Express Employment Services founder Bob Funk (who, despite the fact that Obamacare is great for his company, has the good character and sound principles to nevertheless oppose such government interventions):

Why is the health-care law good for Express but bad for the country? “Firms are just very reluctant to hire full-time workers,” Mr. Funk says. “So they are taking on more temporary help, which is what we do.” ObamaCare imposes new mandates and penalties on companies with more than 50 full-time employees – and even those working 30 hours a week are considered full-time.

He quickly adds: “The problem isn’t just ObamaCare, though. It’s the entire regulatory assault on employers coming out of Washington – everything from the EEOC” – the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hits companies hard when employees claim age, race or sex discrimination—”to the Dodd-Frank monstrosity. Employers are living in a state of fear.”


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