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Can We Sue for Fraudulent Misrepresentation?

Speaking (in a recent post) of the worthlessness of “magnificent promises of impossibilities,” check out this short report from CBS News on an ill-consequence of Obamacare – an ill-consequence that the chief salesman of this political and defective product repeatedly assured his potential (and now captive) ‘customers’ would never happen.  (Can we sue for fraudulent misrepresentation?)  (HT David Henderson)

Note, by the way, the arrogance of the U.C.L.A. professor who, near the end of this clip, assures us that we really do value the added coverage by more than we value the extra money we are forced to pay for it.  What gall.  What pretension.  He seems to be a perfect example of a petit fuhrer.

Bob Murphy has more.

UPDATE: HT Tim Townsend