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Some Links

What cities on the globe today have the worst air pollution?  If you think of advanced industrial capitalism as a great polluter, this link should cause you to re-think. (HT Tyler Cowen)

David Henderson challenges James Pethokoukis.

David Friedman understands that politicians have their priorities.

The Pope Center’s Jane Shaw is inspired by the late Ronald Coase’s (and Ning Wang’s) book to ponder education policy.  (BTW, here’s Jane’s review of that book.)

Bob Murphy correctly suggests that the case for government provision of roads is no where near as strong as some people – even some market-oriented people – believe it to be.  Regarding government provision of infrastructure: if that infrastructure in America today really is “crumbling” as almost everyone today believes, doesn’t that fact further weaken the case for government provision – and strengthen the case for private provision – of roads and bridges?  Speaking of infrastructure …

… here’s Cato’s Chris Edwards on crumbling bridges in the U.S.

Although a spoof, this very short Heritage Foundation video on Obamacare is not far off the mark of what will likely be the unpleasant reality of that piece of egregious social engineering.

George Will explores the similarities between Obama and the Tea Party.  I especially like the opening sentence:

Much is wrong with Washington these days, including much of what is said about what is wrong.