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Some Links

David Bernstein, one of my superb GMU colleagues from over in the law school, suggests (while blogging at the Volokh Conspiracy) that the technical failures of the Obamacare rollout should prompt Paul Krugman to rethink his (Krugman’s) attribution of the failure of FEMA, in the wake of hurricane Katrina, to the alleged anti-government ideology of the executive branch.

Speaking of Mr. Krugman, Niall Ferguson has more on that New York Times columnist.

Scott Hodge and Steve Entin of The Tax Foundation write wisely in the Wall Street Journal about tax reform.  A slice – a slice that causes one to ask how committed is Uncle Sam to being reality-based:

Also, tax changes must be scored on a conventional “static” basis by the Joint Committee on Taxation. This means [any tax-reform] plan’s “cost” in terms of revenues forgone is calculated without considering any meaningful revenue gains from the economic growth a new system may generate. The committee routinely assumes that tax changes have no effect on GDP. How realistic is that?

Gary Becker asks: “Is opportunity declining?

Washington Post columnist Charles Lane is displeased with Judge Richard Posner.

Mario Rizzo shares his thoughts about the recently ended government ‘shutdown.‘  (HT Bob Murphy)

My GMU Econ colleague Pete Boettke weighs in on the irresponsibility of government borrowing.