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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 154 of the 1997 re-issue of Henry Grady Weaver’s classic 1947 tract, The Mainspring of Human Progress:

It is unfair to place too much blame on George III.  He did everything conscientiously and in the the interest of what he conceived to be the “common good.”  But down through the years, the colonists had grown tired of being the pawns of Old World bureaucracy.  They were fed up with all the rules and red tape which interfered with the normal, natural job of applying their energies to the production of goods and services.  Things had reached a point where they had lost all sense of distinction between good laws and bad laws.

The Old World mind couldn’t understand this.  Why, for instance, should the colonists object to the Stamp Act?  A small, suitable tax on legal documents should not be a burden to anyone.