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by Don Boudreaux on December 1, 2013

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Here’s David Friedman’s short and insightful chapter – from the forthcoming 3rd edition of his classic book, The Machinery of Freedom – entitled “The Conservative Mistake.”  (HT David Henderson)

I’m getting lots of requests (as is Russ, too, I suspect) to comment on the Pope’s latest error-ridden excursion into economics.  All I will say now is that the Pope seems to know as much about economics as I know about theology, which is next to nothing.  Marty Mazorra, in contrast to the Pope, knows much economics and, as a result, keeps matters in proper perspective.

George Will documents some recent instances of government and “Progressive” foolishness.

Walter Olson tackles the FDA’s obnoxious effort to deny Americans the freedom to choose to use 23andMe.

John Taylor weighs in on Larry Summer’s recent suggestion that we are now living in a world of secular economic stagnation

… and Taylor thens weighs in on Paul Krugman’s poorly grounded objection to Taylor’s argument.


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