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Some Links

George Will says that raising the minimum wage is a good idea if….  Here’s his closing paragraph:

If the milk of human kindness flows by the quart in your veins, so you should also want to raise the minimum street charity: Take moral grandstanding oblivious of consequences to a new level by requiring anyone who gives money to panhandlers to give a minimum of $10.  Beggars may not benefit, but you will admire yourself.

David Henderson weighs in, over at EconLog, on The Economist‘s weak economic case for the minimum wage.

Speaking of the economics of minimum-wage legislation, Ben Powell (a GMU Econ PhD) reminds us that Dr. Krugman was a more careful economist than is Mr. Krugman.  (HT Bob Murphy)

David Henderson also exposes a truly inexcusable case of media bias.

Steve Landsburg reflects on the glories of democratic compromise.

FEE offers these two selections, both touching on the right to self-determination, from the writings of Ludwig von Mises.

The continuing calamity that is Obamacare.  (HT W.E. Heasley)