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Some Links

Ben Gitis weighs in on the minimum wage, including its sordid history.  Here’s a slice:

From its inception in 1938, the minimum wage was never intended as an antipoverty tool. Today, the minimum wage assists very few people in need and increasing it would simply increase the cliff facing the poor and unemployed. Evidence indicates that increasing the minimum wage actually increases poverty and income inequality by taking wages from the jobless, who need income the most, and handing them to high-income families who need help the least.

Mark Perry has some data on American manufacturing.  (Note also the valuable information supplied in the comments section, to Mark’s post, by regular Cafe patrons John Dewey and Jon Murphy.)

Richard Ebeling ponders Apartheid.

More media bias – this time by 60 Minutes carrying the N.S.A.’s water.  (HT George White)

Reason’s Matt Welch explains “Progressivism’s” “paternalistic dishonesty.

Celebrating the centenary of the birth of the great Italian scholar Bruno Leoni.