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A Public Service Announcement

Uncle Sam, as is now well known, is taking steps to prevent Americans from using incandescent light bulbs.

(HT Marty Mazorra)

I refuse to go along with this ban.  No one – especially no gang of politicians or gaggle of government bureaucrats – has a right to tell me what kind of light bulb I must use or may not use.  So just as I resolve never to waste a second of my time ‘recycling’ the likes of newspapers, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles, I resolve never to use in my home or office a florescent (or any other kind of) bulb in place of an incandescent bulb.  Indeed, I resolve to have on hand more than enough incandescent bulbs until I breathe my last.  I intend to accumulate such a large quantity of incandescent bulbs that my estate will pass significant stores of them along to whatever grandchildren I might have.  So I began stocking up on incandescent bulbs several years ago, and I just added to my supply by ordering a stash from this friendly on-line merchant.

My latest stock of bulbs, pictured here, was delivered yesterday.  I got, in this shipment, 22 bulbs (of various wattages and including one 3-way) at a average price of $1.50 per bulb – a price that includes shipping.


As a service to the public, I encourage all Americans to save their eyesight, to protect their freedom, and to strike a blow against cronyism masked by self-righteous and officious ‘environmentalism,’ by stocking up ASAP on incandescent light bulbs and rejecting the dull and idiotic alternatives.