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Bob Murphy writes about Russ writing about Paul Krugman writing about government-supplied unemployment ‘insurance.’

Heather Mac Donald writes about humanist wisdom and its enemies housed on today’s humanities faculties.

Canada’s Fraser Institute reports on some of the unintended ill-consequences of Canada’s monopolistic health-care monopoly.  (HT Mark Perry)  Here are the opening paragraphs:

One of the unfortunate realities of Canada’s monopolistic health-care system is that some people feel they have no choice but to seek the care they need outside the country.

And who can blame them?

Faced with waits for treatment that are often months long (sometimes stretching over a year), it should come as little surprise that many Canadians ultimately choose to be medical tourists. The question of course, is how many?

Greg Morin writes on the minimum wage.  (HT Mark Perry)

From the Cataloging Our Progress files, check out this Today Show discussion of a Radio Shack newspaper ad from the 1990s.  (HT Art Woolf)

George Smith writes about the lust for power.  (HT Walter Grinder)


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