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Charles Krauthammer on the disemployment effects of Obamacare, and on political partisans who lamely try to justify those effects.  A slice:

In the reductio ad absurdum of entitlement liberalism, White House spokesman Jay Carney was similarly enthusiastic about this Obamacare-induced job loss. Why, Obamacare creates the “opportunity” that “allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, and if they will work.”

If they will work? Pre-Obama, people always had the right to quit work to tend full time to the study of butterflies. It’s a free country. The twist in the new liberal dispensation is that the butterfly guy is to be subsidized by the taxes of people who actually work.

In the traditional opportunity society, government provides the tools — education, training and various incentives — to achieve the dignity of work and its promise of self-improvement and social mobility. In the new opportunity society, you are given the opportunity for idleness while living parasitically off everyone else. Why those everyone elses should remain attheir jobs — hey! I wanna dance, too! — is a puzzle Carney has yet to explain.

Speaking of strained attempts to praise the job losses caused by Obamacare, here’s my colleague Tyler Cowen.

Bob Higgs will speak at GMU (Fairfax campus) – at an event co-sponsored by the GMU Economics Society and the Future of Freedom Foundation – on Monday evening (Feb. 17th).

Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge weighs in, at the Wall Street Journal, on income inequality.

George Selgin again on ‘schooling.’

I love, and intellectually profit from, this oldie but goodie from Russ.


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