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Minimum-Wage Petition

Question: What do Nobel economics laureates Vernon Smith, Eugene Fama, Robert Lucas, and Edward Prescott have in common with more than 500 other economists, including Bill Allen, Don Bellante, Dan Benjamin, Charles Calomiris, Colin Campbell, Harold Demsetz, Susie Feigenbaum, Charlie Goetz, Colleen Haight, David Henderson, Jerry Jordan, Anne Krueger, Deepak Lal, Bill Landes, John Lott, Greg Mankiw, Roger Meiners, Sam Peltzman, Charlie Plott, Paul Rubin, Tom Saving, Scott Sumner, Karen Vaughn, Bruce Yandle, and Leland Yeager?

Answer: They all oppose raising the minimum wage.

P.S.  Vernon Smith is no mere signer of this petition.  He was active in sending it out in search of signatures.  (Vernon might also have played a role in drafting it; I don’t know.  But I do know that he was active in distributing this petition.)