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Some Links

My Mercatus Center colleague Nita Ghei, writing in the Washington Times, explains that Pres. Obama is no good champion of free trade.

Kevin Vallier ponders reasonable libertarian concerns about ‘nudging.’

George Will ponders the situation in the Ukraine and the hubris of too many politicians – not least that of that most naive and arrogant ‘man of system,’ Woodrow Wilson.  A slice:

The problems bequeathed by that war [WWI] were aggravated by a peacemaker, one of [Sec. of State John] Kerry’s precursors among American progressives eager to share with the world their expertise at imposing rationality on untidy societies. Unfortunately, Woodrow Wilson’s earnestness about improving the world was larger than his appreciation of how the world’s complexities can cause improvers to make matters worse.

David Henderson dives deeply into the truth of the familiar economists’ warning that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

Richard Rahn explores the dimensions of political corruption.

Sam Staley finds in Ender’s Game a message of Hayekian liberty.

Steve Chapman is no friend of taxi cartels.