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Some Links

Greg Mankiw is rightly unimpressed by Paul Krugman’s presumptions and style of argument.  Here’s Mankiw’s opening paragraph:

Today’s column by Paul Krugman is classic Paul: It takes a policy favored by the right, attributes the most vile motives to those who advance the policy, and ignores all the reasonable arguments in favor of it.

I wonder what the executives at Dow Chemical Co. think of Marty Mazorra’s proposal that Uncle Sam ban the exportation of acetone.  It’d naturally be a gas to find out!

Richard Rahn exposes the reality of anti-money-laundering surveillance.

Mark Perry helpfully edits the Washington Post‘s post.tv episode entitled “Here’s how you support the Koch brothers” – the same post.tv episode that prompted this letter from me yesterday.

Speaking of the Kochs, my former teacher Randy Holcombe reflects on their civic engagement – and on the too-often-cliched calls by Famous People for civic engagement.

And here’s Rob Bradley on Charles Koch on cronyism.

Bryan Caplan reflects on the origins of “market socialism.”  (The excerpts in Bryan’s post from Oskar Lange suggests that, had he lived long enough, Lange perhaps would have – and certainly should have – endorsed at least the thrust of Bob Higgs’s account of regime uncertainty.)

Shikha Dalmia reflects on racial preferences.