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Happy Anniversary Us!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the opening of Cafe Hayek.  Russ opened our e-doors with this post on Cuban cars.  My first post didn’t appear until six days later, on April 19th.  This 10th-anniversary post, by the way, is the 8,597th post published here at the Cafe.

Remarkably (as I recall Cafe Hayek’s launch), I wasn’t enthusiastic about blogging, although my enthusiasm grew very large very fast.  I thank Russ for pressing me to blog.  No one else, I think, could have persuaded me to do it.  So Cafe Hayek is really Russ’s brainchild, and he from the start has handled all of the ‘back room’ management.  He does so to this day.  And one of the most satisfying aspects of Cafe Hayek for me is that it allows me to continue to work with Russ and to boast that “I co-blog with Russ Roberts.”

We thank, sincerely, all of the readers over the years and the commenters.  We are honored that you visit the Cafe, and we will strive to continue to make your visits mutually advantageous.

(Oh, and I rather like the fact that Cafe Hayek shares a birthday with Thomas Jefferson.)