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Immigration and Jobs

Comes this e-mail in response to today’s Quotation of the Day; it’s from “TrueGritAmerican”:

Caplans question is weak.  People are going to high immigration locations in spite of the flood of immigrants there because alot of those places are the places with the better jobs.

I very much enjoyed receiving this e-mail because TrueGritAmerican e-mails me often, always in opposition to immigration.  One of his arguments – indeed, his most frequently used argument – is that greater immigration means fewer jobs and lower wages for native-born Americans (or people he calls “true Americans”).  Here, in full, is my response to TrueGritAmerican’s latest e-mail (the one quoted above):

So you’ve changed your mind!  I’m glad.  You now see that immigration does not necessarily worsen native-born Americans’ job prospects.  Indeed, the evidence that you yourself now point to is that the effects of immigration on those job prospects are exactly the opposite of the ones that you have, until today, assumed.


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