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Some Links

Here’s Richard McKenzie explaining, in Investor’s Business Daily, that the minimum-wage’s ill-consequences for low-skilled workers are not limited to these workers’  greater difficulty at finding employment.  (HT Mark Perry)  Here’s Richard’s conclusion:

Proponents and opponents of minimum-wage hikes do not seem to realize that the tiny employment effects consistently found across numerous studies provide the strongest evidence available that increases in the minimum wage have been largely neutralized by cost savings on fringe benefits and increased work demands and the cost savings from the more obscure and hard-to-measure cuts in nonmoney compensation.

Mark Perry shares some very inconvenient data, just in time for Earth Day.

Allan Meltzer counsels us to cast aside any obsession we might have with income inequality.  (HT Steve Pejovich)

Heritage Foundation chief economist Steve Moore weighs in on the wage gap.

Unlike Pres. Obama, Edward Morrissey isn’t impressed with Obamacare’s enrollment numbers.